02.Oct .2020 12:12

EU last year imported 3M tons of coffee

EU last year imported 3M tons of coffee
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The European Union last year imported 3 million tons of coffee from abroad, worth a jumpy €7.5 billion ($8.4 billion), the 27-member bloc's statistical authority said on Thursday.

The union's coffee imports rose 14% in 2019 versus 10 years ago, Eurostat stressed.

The union’s main sources of java were Brazil (932,000 tons), Vietnam (673,000), Honduras (221,000), Colombia (166,000), Uganda (145,000), India (137,000), Peru (113,000), Ethiopia and Switzerland (both 80,000), and Indonesia (77,000).

The largest coffee buyers in the bloc were Germany with 1.1 million tons, followed by Italy, Belgium, Spain, and France.
Meanwhile, 1.8 million tons of roasted coffee worth €10 billion were produced in the EU, mostly in Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Oct. 1 is marked as International Coffee Day, said Eurostat.