23.Sep .2020 18:22

EU unveils new migration pact

EU unveils new migration pact
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The European Union has unveiled a long-awaited migration pact, aiming to streamline the asylum process among member states to fix what EU leaders acknowledged was an ineffective system.

The new pact aims to better share the burden of relocating asylum seekers by allowing member states to contribute by instead returning individuals who do not qualify for asylum or providing logistical support.

EU leaders also hope to create faster border screening processes at the external borders, as reported by Euronews.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that the new pact would strike a “reasonable balance” with all member states sharing the “benefits” and “burdens”. She added that it wasn’t a question of “whether” EU states should contribute but “how”.

Migration policy has historically been a thorny issue in EU politics, and it’s possible the new migration pact will be a hard sell for the European Commission.