29.Jun .2020 11:29

Event companies require recommendations from the government in order to resume the work

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"Most of all, we need the exact recommendations," Maka Kubusidze, the event manager, told BM.GE.

According to Kubusidze, there are different recommendations according to which it is allowed to hold different events, but as she explains, more details are needed, because customers have already started to make orders on the various events.

"Most of all, we need exact recommendations to follow them. Now, everything is vague. It seems that we can do or rent something, but finally we don't have specific information. It's all. It also reflects on the budget. We can't write the right budget, which is very important for the customer, if we don't know exactly how many people we can move from one place to another. Now we have very serious order, which includes over 500 persons, half of them arrives abroad. The initiator of the event has a hope that all this will be done”, said Event Manager Maka Kubusidze.