14.Sep .2020 15:48

Export from Georgia decreased by 7.5% in August

Export from Georgia decreased by 7.5% in August
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According to Geostat, export from Georgia to abroad has made up 292.4 million USD in August, which equals to 900 million GEL.Export from Georgia is declined by 23.7 million USD or 7.5% in August due to COVID-19 crisis.

As of the report, import volume is more declined comparing to export. Import is decreased by 19.3% or 153.8 million GEL comparing to 2019 and amounts to 643.3 million USD.

Exports amounted to 2,071.4 million USD (14.7 per cent less), while imports amounted to 4 951.4 million USD (17.5 percent less). The negative trade balance in January-August 2020 amounted to 2 880.0 million USD and accounted for 41 per cent of foreign trade turnover.

Geostat will publish detailed data on Georgia's foreign trade on September 21.