13.Jul .2021 13:00

Exports From Georgia Up By 30% In June

Exports From Georgia Up By 30% In June
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Commodities of 349 million USD were exported from Georgia to abroad last month, which was 3-.4% more compared to the same period of the last year, - show the preliminary data from Geostat.

According to Geostat, exports from Georgia stood at 1.89 billion USD in January-June, which is 25.5% more compared to 2020.

As of the same report, imports from Georgia were up by 19.5% amounting to 4.32 billion USD, while the rate stood at 837 million USD in June, which was 37% more compared to 2020. Correspondingly, imports were increased at higher pace compared to the exports last month.

In the first half of 2021, the negative trade balance amounted to 2.43 billion USD, which was 39% of the total foreign trade turnover.

Geostat will publish detailed data on foreign trade on July 19.