20.Mar .2020 18:02

Fake coronavirus diagnostic tests may appear on the market - Paata Imnadze


Paata Imnadze, Deputy Head of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, warns fake coronavirus diagnostic tests may appear on the market.

As Imnadze explained, he had seen tests of several manufacturers that do not meet the basic standards.

“We, of course, will be grateful to everyone in the private sector, who is able to import the tests, which are, first of all, valid. Unfortunately, I have seen the tests developed by 15 or 16 manufacturers worldwide and most of them do not event meet basic standards. The Ministry of Health has told you that the government hold negotiations. When any state gives you tests, they have guarantee and when you obtain the tests on the market, it needs a very high level of study. It is already a global experience that such fake tests are spread, many eastern countries are distinguished by this, and they will quickly adapt to market needs. There may be too many poor quality fake tests on the market, " Paata Imnadze said.