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Five Sisters Pizza: The First Charcoal Dough Pizzeria in Georgia Opened During Pandemic

Five Sisters Pizza: The First Charcoal Dough Pizzeria in Georgia Opened During Pandemic
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2020 seemed particularly dark for businesses, but this is not a reason why Salome Lominashvili decided to launch the first charcoal dough pizzeria in Georgia during the pandemic. Novel and healthy - that was the principal criterion for the founder of the Five Sisters Pizza while starting the business.
“An idea occurred before the pandemic. For months I worked on our pizza recipes, experimenting, picking flavors, and complementing them. Culinary is my profession, I also have experience working on standard pizza, but I wanted to work with new, special recipes. I generally like to experiment with taste, this is the most interesting and enjoyable part of my cooking,” Salome Lominashvili, Director and the Development Chef at Five Sisters Pizza, told BMG.
In her words, she focused mainly on the ingredients, while working on these recipes, adding that except for the novelty, the product should have been healthy. “This is how 5 types of cold pizza made of charcoal dough appeared.”
“Pandemics and restrictions have changed the reality for food establishments. Consequently, we started with this direction - delivery service,” said Lominashvili, who shared her experience of starting a business during the pandemic and the future plans of the company.
Online sales

We are novice entrepreneurs. For this very reason, we have selected a systematic approach for each aspect. Management of online sales is quite a complex task. The substance, probably as in everything, is professionalism and cooperation with professionals. With that in mind, we have the right technologies to make the process synergistic.
Our team is not large at this stage, but it is well-structured, which allows us to manage the work, including the direction of sales, efficiently.

Maybe difficult, but there’s an only way we have - to compete through the product’s specialness and service quality.
Why Pizza and not Khachapuri?

The process of working on new flavors consists of several stages. It all starts with inspiration. In my case, it was pizza - one of the most common dishes in the world, whose traditional recipes, for example, in Italy, are strictly and rudely followed. But in Italy alone, several million pizzas are baked a day, so it is only natural that pizza should be the object of culinary experiments.
The risk of focusing only on innovative flavors

It is too early to talk about the result. However, the feedback of our customers is the basis of a really optimistic forecast. It is also worth noting that we have not entered this field with such a special concept blindly, without careful consideration. In addition to recipe planning and development, many months of work also included a two-step tasting process. Thus, we more or less already knew what feedback our menu might have had. Moreover, I personally call at least a few customers a day because I am very interested in their estimation and critical. 
This information is of utmost importance, especially for a cook who is focused on developing recipes. It is important to us that every pizza on our menu already has loyal customers.
What to expect next in the menu

We receive a lot of feedback and also get in touch with the customers. We collect and analyze this information precisely because we will definitely take it into account when working further on the menu.