20.Oct .2020 15:00

“Flight commence on the new routs cannot change the epidemiological condition” - Amiran Gamkrelidze


“Flight commence on the new routs cannot change the epidemiological condition in the country” - Amiran Gamkrelidze told BM.GE.

According to him, National Center for Diseases Control and Public Health did an analysis before giving approval to the government flight resumption.

“70% -80% of coronavirus cases were imported from abroad during spring and summer, especially from Italy, Iran and our neighboring countries. Analyzing these numbers, the share of imported cases is very meager in the increased number of the cases. It can no longer change the epidemiological condition because we have an internal spread.

So we have a new slogan - learn to live with the coronavirus. We must gradually return to the rhythm of normal life. We should allow all mild and moderate infected persons to stay at home, or to be treated at the hospital. Therefore, now the entry of people, including our citizens, should no longer be blocked, especially since we are asking to submit PCR test done within the last 72 hours. PCR tests should be negative, otherwise they will be quarantined," said the head of the NCDC.