19.Feb .2020 18:26

Food shortages in Russian-occupied Tskhinvali region


Local media reports that there is not enough food in Georgia’s Russian-controlled Tskhinvali region, with dairy products and children’s food in particular deficit.

Media outlet Rec reports that food has not entered from Russia into the region for more than a week due to certain, technical problems and the local ‘de facto authorities are holding talks to resolve the problem.’

De facto government of Tskhinvali closed crossing points between the region and the rest of Georgia in September 2019, depriving locals of having access to everyday items, quality medical aid and other necessities they received on Tbilisi-administered territory.

The reason for the illegal closure was the opening of an ordinary police post on the Tbilisi-controlled territory at the end of summer 2019, in the village of Chorchana, Khashuri municipality.

De facto Tskhinvali says that the police post ‘is too close to our territory, creating security threats.’

They say that the crossing points will reopen only after Tbilisi removes the police post.