07.Apr .2022 13:30

Foreign investments in Armenia in 2021 exceeded US$ 429 mln

Foreign investments in Armenia in 2021 exceeded US$ 429 mln
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Foreign investments in the Armenian economy in 2021 amounted to about 204.8 billion drams (US$ 429,773,414) versus minus 5.8 billion (US$ 12,171,317) in 2020, according to the National Statistical Committee.

Of that amount some 129.2 billion drams (US$ 271,126,587) were foreign direct investments. In 2021, foreign direct investment were down by 43.2 billion (US$ 90,655,329) compared to the previous year.

Germany accounted for the largest amount of investments in Armenia- over 55.8 billion drams (US$ 117,096,467), an increase of 15.1 billion drams (US$ 31,687,395) from 2020. German direct investments amounted to 37.9 billion (US$ 79,533,263), an increase of about 39.4 billion drams (US$ 82,681,018).

Investments from Russia were worth about 32.5 billion drams (US$ 68,201,347), growing by 111.8 billion drams (US$ 234,612,635), while direct investments totaled 40.1 billion drams (US$ 84,149,970), an increase of 99.7 billion drams (US$ 209,220,749).

Italy was the third by size of investments in Armenia with about 24 billion drams (US$ 50,364,072), an increase of about 5.4 billion drams (US$ 11,331,916), whereas direct investments amounted to about 18 billion drams (US$ 37,773,054), an increase of about 11.5 billion drams (US$ 24,132,784).

The main flow of investments in January-September 2021 was in the energy sector (over 130.4 billion drams or US$ 273,644,791), metal ore mining (49 billion drams or US$ 102,826,647) and real estate (20.5 billion drams or US$ 43,019,311).

Source: ARKA