29.Mar .2023 14:55

Former PM Denies Reports On Forming Political Party

Former PM Denies Reports On Forming Political Party
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Former Prime Minister and Minister of Energy Nika Gilauri denied the reports about him forming a political party, calling it a “total lie.”

Gilauri remarked on the statement made by Tako Charkviani, leader of the Law and Justice party, on March 28, saying Nika Gilauri intended to establish a new political party at the instruction of the former chairman of the ruling Georgian Dream party, adding the UNM’s former chair Nika Melia and the party member Khatia Dekanoidze planned to join.

Nika Gilauri wrote on Facebook that he had not made any political statement or given an interview on a political issue for the last ten years.

“All last night statements about me are a total lie, except for me serving as Prime Minister of Georgia from 2009 to 2012 and having done many good things for this country,” Gilauri said.