14.Oct .2022 15:00

New Turkish Textile Brand Entered Georgia

New Turkish Textile Brand Entered Georgia
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Home appliance store chain "Beko" introduced products of Turkish household textile Ozdilek brand to the Georgian market. As the director of the company, Mehmed Melek, said during his visit to TV-program "Women's Narrative", they decided to import the products due to the high demand in the market.

"Through our research, it was determined that the demand for family textiles in the market was high, that's why we made a decision to import the brand, which is among the top three producers of family textiles in Turkey. The quality of the products is really very high", said Mehmed Melek.

Household textile products are represented only in Batumi branch of "Beko" at this stage, but the brand will be represented in more branches in the near future. In addition, according to the director of the company, it is planned to open Ozdilek stores in Tbilisi and Batumi.

"The high demand for the band gives us the opportunity to think about opening Ozdilek stores in Tbilisi and Rustavi. In addition, we will introduce this brand to "Beko" stores, and customers will find a variety of household textiles in all large "Beko" branches. The investment, which will initially be made for the opening of 3 or 4 stores, amounts to USD 500,000", says Melek.

In addition, according to Mehmed Melek, the Ozdilek products presented in the "Beko" chain of stores are quite diverse and are intended for consumers of all ages and genders. In addition, the prices of the products are quite affordable. Beko is represented on the Georgian market for 25 years.