14.Jan .2021 10:00

French Fry plant closes due to COVID

French Fry plant closes due to COVID
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French fry producer enterprise Freco shuts down temporarily due to the pandemic. Irakli Kurdadze, the founder of the company told BM.GE, that the enterprise was operating in a normal mode for the first two months, but after the closure of tourist facilities, there was no demand for products and they decided to shut down the enterprise temporarily.
Kurdadze notes, that state subsidy on electricity tariff will help their company.

"The plant shuts down, so we will not have electricity consumption in the part of production, but we still consume electricity in our warehouses. State subsidy will assist us to balance the negative cash flow during the crisis," said the head of "Freco".

To him, it is clear that the government cannot help everyone and this subsidy is funded from the citizens’ pockets.
"I think aid should be targeted - it is important to subsidize food production," said Irakli Kurdadze.