13.Oct .2020 21:00

French Investor Has Plans How to Grow Life Around the Kutaisi Airport

French Investor Has Plans How to Grow Life Around the Kutaisi Airport
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We decided to buy a huge plot of land in front of the [Kutaisi] airport where we will build a big mall, some logistic spaces, and hotels – so we will make life grow around the airport, currently in the middle of nowhere – Dominique Romano, a serial entrepreneur and an investor, an adviser for multiple tech start-ups in Israel and France told The Checkpoints in an exclusive interview, conducted by Elene Kvanchilashvili.
Dominique Romano is the founder of GUIBOR holding company, which specializes in brokerage services as well as mergers and acquisitions. Real estate makes up a significant part of his investment portfolio together with equity investments in start-ups.
Dominique Romano has been investing in Georgia since 2018 – mainly in the hospitality and real estate sectors. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, he is motivated to grow his portfolio in the country and he overcame many difficulties to travel to Georgia to visit the locations of two new investments. One relating to the old cinema building in Tbilisi and the other in Kutaisi near the international airport.
Romano believes that the project will give people who don’t have big budget access to the country, stressing that from this location you can go skiing, you can go to Batumi and to many other places.
“The airport is growing, the region is growing (I’m talking post-Coronavirus), and in the airport area, there is nothing but the airport. Around the airport, life must grow and we will make it happen!” – says Dominique Romano.