18.Oct .2021 16:30

From Huawei To Amazon - Another Georgian Is Employed In The Tech Giant

From Huawei To Amazon - Another Georgian Is Employed In The Tech Giant
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Another Georgian has been employed in tech giant Amazon. Natia Zavrashvili will hold the position of New Vendor Manager at Amazon EU's Munich office from 2022. This position implies the establishment and promotion of partnerships with international brands. In the case of Natia Zavrashvili, the focus will be on Chinese brands.

"My immediate responsibilities include identifying and finding potential partners, conducting initial negotiations and posting new catalogs on Amazon, after which I will become a kind of business consultant for specific brands and with the help of internal resources I will try to make the necessary recommendations for better business results," Natia told bm.ge.

According to her, she learned about the vacancy from LinkedIn and sent the application in July this year. She has overcome three stages and six interviews with various members of the Amazon team in English, German and Chinese.

As for Natia’s previous experience, after graduating from Tbilisi Free University, she took a one-year language course at Xiamen University in China. Later, Natia worked as a Chinese translator in Georgia for about two years. In 2019, she started working at Huawei German Research Center, where she still holds the position of Procurement Specialist.