26.Nov .2020 16:05

Gakharia Depicts Business Support Package

Gakharia Depicts Business Support Package
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"Property tax and income tax-deferred for 4 months will be abolished in the tourism sector," said Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia after the Interagency Council meeting.
"Property tax for tourism employees will be abolished in 2021. They will be exempt from property tax. We have decided to write off the income tax for the tourism sector, which was postponed for 4 months at the beginning of the pandemic," said Giorgi Gakharia.
The aid package also applies to the restaurant business. According to the Prime Minister, the program will be launched, which includes subsidizing interest on loan liabilities.
"All the restaurants or companies that have a loan agreement will be subsidized for the loan interest for 6 months," Gakharia said.
In addition, the program for business will be extended for 6 months, which provides for exemption of income tax for salaries up to 750 GEL, and exemption of income tax of 750 GEL for salaries up to 1500 GEL.
According to Giorgi Gakharia, 33 thousand companies and 425 thousand people will be affected, and the program will cover 260 million GEL.