18.Nov .2020 12:45

Gakharia to Pompeo: It Is Time for a Stronger US Presence in the Region

Gakharia to Pompeo: It Is Time for a Stronger US Presence in the Region
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"You are a true friend of this country! We are personally grateful to you and to the United States for supporting our strategic partnership. This is the most important partnership we have," Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia said during a meeting with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.
The Head of Government underlined the importance of the US-Georgia Strategic Partnership and thanked the US Secretary of State for his visit to Georgia during the global pandemic.
"Thank you, of course, for your support in tackling the new coronavirus. As you are well aware, we have a very successful collaboration in the form of Lugar Research Center, which is a key aspect of the fight against the new coronavirus. First of all, I would like to emphasize that we truly appreciate the continued support of the United States' people and government for Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty. You know very well how important this issue is for our country, whose territories are occupied because the occupation forces are still stationed on our land," Gakharia said.
According to him, the Georgia-US strategic partnership is primarily based on values - freedom, democracy, and, of course, common geostrategic interests.
"At this very changing time for the region, we realize that these issues need to be addressed. We have an excellent opportunity to discuss important issues and deepen cooperation between the United States and Georgia on defense and security and economic and democracy consolidation. I want to assure you that the moment of strengthening and the enhanced representation of the United States in this region have come. Welcome and thank you again for your visit to Georgia," Giorgi Gakharia addressed Michael Pompeo.