14.Mar .2022 11:00

Galt&Taggart Predicts Refinancing Rate Growth

Galt&Taggart Predicts Refinancing Rate Growth
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Galt&Tagagrt predicts refinancing rate growth, - Otar Sharikadze, Managing Director of investment bank Galt&Taggart told TV-Program Forbes Week.

According to him, at the meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee scheduled for late March, the rate will be raised by 1-1.5%, as a result, the refinancing rate will reach 11.5% -12%. Otar Sharikadze thinks that the central bank will make the relevant decision due to the rise in oil and wheat prices in the global markets.

"We think it will last during the year. But still we deeply hope that the economy adapts, there will be far less shock compared to COVID-19. I think by the end of the year, the NBG will start reducing its refinancing rate," said Managing Director of Galt & Taggart.