29.Nov .2021 14:00

Gambling To Be Banned For A Total Of One Million Adults – PM

Gambling To Be Banned For A Total Of One Million Adults – PM
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Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili declares, that gambling will be banned for a total of one million adults.

"New taxation will be introduced for the online gambling business and the total taxable base of the sector will increase by 65-70%. The second issue is the age limit.

Citizens under 25 will be prohibited from participating in gambling. This restriction also applies to socially vulnerable people who receive assistance from the state; public officials; persons who apply to the Revenue Service with a request to use the self-restraint mechanism, as well as persons who, at the request of family members and the court decision, will be blacklisted.

In total, the circle of people who will have limited access to gambling will be up to 1 million adults, and the third issue is the restriction of advertising.

All television advertising of the gambling business, as well as outdoor and website advertising will be prohibited. It will be allowed for gambling business operators to sign only an agreement on sponsors, and this access will mainly apply to sports," - said Irakli Gharibashvili.