17.Jan .2020 16:47

“Gardabani 2” is opened - "New thermal power plant can cover 70% of Tbilisi consumption"

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Thermal power plant “Gardabani 2” will provide energy security for our country, - Natia Turnava, Georgia's Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, said.

Turnava attended opening of the plant with the Prime Minister and other government officials.

According to Turnava, the mentioned plant can cover 70% of Tbilisi's average monthly consumption.

“A new facility “Gardabani 2” has been added to our energy system today. A new cycle power plant is almost twice efficient comparing to the old one. This plant is a very important facility that provides our country with energy security, which will ensure uninterrupted power supply for the population and businesses. Energy is one of the top priorities of our economic sector, ”Natia Turnava said.