21.May .2020 18:22

GEL Strengthens by 0.92 tetri against USD, while devaluated by 0.3 tetri against EUR


Today, National Bank of Georgia has made the largest foreign exchange intervention in the resent period and sold 40 million USD on the market. As a result, GEL strengthened by 0.92 tetri against USD and the official exchange rate of 1 USD amounts to 3.1920 lari.

However, national currency has devaluated against EUR. The change of the rate has made up 0.3 tetri and thus, cost of 1 EUR is 3.5058 GEL.

GEL has strengthened by 1.54 tetri against GBP and now, cost of 1 GBP amounts to 3.9057 GEL.