16.Jun .2021 14:00

Geoflower Starts Producing Organic Mountain Tea

Geoflower Starts Producing Organic Mountain Tea
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Geoflower starts producing branded organic mountain tea. The company's tea plantation is grown on the land area of 20 ha in the village of Tsknori, Tkibuli district.

As Gocha Dzneladze, the founder of Geoflower declares the packaging of green, black, fruit and herbal teas will start on June 25, and the brand will appear on the market from August 1.

The company also plans to export organic mountain tea in the future.

"A complete cycle of waste production, raw material collection, transportation, processing, storage and packaging is underway at the plant located in Ambrolauri. It will be a high quality, premium product. Organic tea is made only from raw materials taken from one mountain plantation. It should be noted that in the last three years the company will fully install solar panels and "Geoflower" will be the company with zero CO2 emissions. In addition, it is planned to launch its own organic waste processing (compost) enterprise this year, with the help of which we will receive organic fertilizer and use it in our own plantation,” explains Gocha Dzneladze.

Geoflower has been processing fruits and medicinal plants since 2000 and adds a new direction to the production of branded organic tea. The company exports processed, unpackaged products to Germany, Poland, Spain, Turkey and Russia.

The annual production capacity of the company is 5000 t of raw materials. The enterprises are located in Ambrolauri, Akhaltsikhe, Khashuri, Tkibuli and Dusheti.

Geoflower permanently employs 170 people; seasonally, the enterprise has 700 collectors of raw materials, which collect various fruits and vegetables and give them to the enterprises.