07.Jul .2020 14:32

Georgia acquires up to 400,000 COVID-19 tests and 50 ventilators with $80 MLN in support from the WB

Georgia acquires up to 400,000 COVID-19 tests and 50 ventilators with $80 MLN in support from the WB
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With the World Bank's $80 million Emergency COVID-19 Response project financial support and mediation, the government of Georgia was able to procure 147 000 Rapid COVID-19 Antibody and Antigen Test Kits and 250 000 PCR Test, that will triple Georgia's testing capacity to 3000 samples per day by mid-July, - reports World Bank.

"In addition, under the World Bank COVID-19 response operation, 30 critical care ventilators have been procured for the hospitals around the country, as well as 20 mobile emergency ventilators for ambulance vehicles. Besides, in Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device will be delivered to the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia.

The World Bank is one of the first development partners to support Georgia, and is seen as the lead partner on health, social protection, and economic recovery/relief measures. An $80 million Emergency COVID-19 Response project was approved on May 1, 2020 under the Bank’s Fast Track COVID-19 Facility that supports the government’s emergency health-related response and social protection support to the poor and vulnerable, and workers who lost jobs due to the pandemic.

„We stand by Georgia’s side as a strong partner in this challenging time and through our rapid support, we are helping the country to save lives and protect the livelihoods of those impacted by the pandemic. The World Bank's total financing package for Georgia COVID-19 response will be over $200 million, which will help the government address health and social impacts, protect the jobs and businesses effected by pandemic and ensure Georgia’s progress in implementing reforms,“ - says Sebastian Molineus, World Bank Regional Director for the South Caucasus.

In addition to the financial support, the World Bank has been active in providing just in time advisory support to the Government of Georgia, through sharing best global practices in fighting the health, social protection and economic crises, as well as playing the role of a procurement agent on behalf of client countries to resolve the strains on global supply chains though directly engagement with key global suppliers for medical supplies and equipment", - reads the statement.