28.Feb .2020 18:27

Georgia allocates 40 mln GEL for school reconstruction projects in the regions this year


Georgia has allocated 40 mln GEL for 2020 for the reconstruction of schools in the whole country, says the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Last year, Georgia allocated 40 million GEL for 733 projects in 640 schools overall. Meanwhile, Georgia started 2019-2020 academic year with 700 fully or partly renovated schools.

In 2019, a total of 260 million GEL was allocated for educational infrastructure.

As of now, the building process of 59 schools is underway, while 80 are under reconstruction. In 2019, Georgia also started the construction of 32 new small-size modern kindergartens.

Georgia also plans to construct 24 new medium and large-size kindergartens worth 50 million GEL in total.