06.Jun .2021 18:00

“Georgia Definitely Needs a Fourth Mobile Operator”

“Georgia Definitely Needs a Fourth Mobile Operator”
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Georgia definitely needs a fourth mobile operator - the Chairman of Georgian Telecommunication Operators Association, Ucha Seturi, told "Business Course". This is how he responds to the Communications Commission's 2020 report, where the regulator writes about "limited competition" in the market.
"In terms of internet services, this country definitely needs a fourth operator, because, unfortunately, the entry of Beeline has not eliminated the problems. The situation has changed substantially and cartel agreements are impossible today, however, the emergence of a fourth operator will at least give us information that we couldn't have even dreamt of," said Ucha Seturi.

According to him, the presence of 3 companies in the market should be enough for high competition, but the fact is that the Communications Commission itself speaks of low competition and high margins and tariffs for mobile operators. According to Ucha Seturi, despite the high tariffs, the dominance of Magti and Silknet in the market may be due to the fact that these companies offer customers a larger basket, along with mobile services, television and fixed Internet.
"Despite low prices, Beeline does not have the power to force large companies to offer competitive terms," ​​said Ucha Seturi.