19.Oct .2020 11:30

“Georgia is not just a country of good cuisine” – the tour guide

“Georgia is not just a country of good cuisine” – the tour guide
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“Georgia is not just a country of good cuisine. We have tasty food and good wine, but there is much more intellectual and visual emotion comparing to the Soviet niche and label,” Lela Giorgadze, a tour guide told BM.GE, noting that by sending correct messages the country would have right customers.

According to her, Georgia’s image related to the eating and drinking should be changed.

“We must form what we want to say about us or how we see our own country in general.

Tourism is part of cultural diplomacy, which determines the country's policy. To be better is not enough today, as the world demands the uniqueness. However, Georgia can afford it.

We had time to think about it and it is not late now. So, we have to start preparations today and when the pandemic ends, we will meet the tourists prepared. But it requires spending time, thinking, working and engagement of both public, as well as private sectors, "- said Lela Giorgadze.

According to the tour guide, countries around the world constantly work on update of travel destinations and country’s image, in order to be in demand among travelers. However, Georgia does not do that, as the country follows the flow and has a calculation on quantity, while there should be a focus on quality.