08.Nov .2019 13:00

Georgia May Start manufacturing of Washing Machines

Georgia May Start manufacturing of Washing Machines
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Manufacturing of washing machines may start in Georgia. Mikheil Khidureli, head of Agency “Produce in Georgia”, declared TV-program "Business Morning".

According to Khidureli, negotiations with one of China's largest electronics manufacturers are underway. He has announced that the matter concerns to the bringing of parts of the equipment to Georgia and then assembling it.
"We met very interesting organizations and companies, including the largest Chamber of Commerce of China. The Chamber includes over 10 000 electronics and equipment manufacturer companies. The matter concerns to the manufacturing of washing machines and similar electronic devices. Georgia has opportunity to import parts and assemble the device in Georgia. Georgia gives access Chinese companies to the 2.3 billion market, "- Mikheil Khidureli said.

Representatives of Agency "Produce in Georgia" pay a business visit to China International Exhibition, where 33 Georgian companies are represented jointly with officials. Exhibition space has been allocated to Georgia for the second time. In 2018, the exhibition proved to be a success for Georgian companies and as a result, agreements of 20 million USD were signed.