01.Mar .2021 23:00

Georgia may sue the COVAX platform

Georgia may sue the COVAX platform
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It is not ruled out that Georgia will sue the COVAX platform - said the Minister of Health of Georgia Ekaterine Tikaradze in an interview with "Rustavi 2".
The matter is that today the news agency "Interpressnews" published information, according to which "COVAX" explains why Georgia did not receive the "Pfizer" vaccine in February. As the agency was told, in February the vaccine was sent to the countries that met the criteria set by them.

As for the criteria that a country must meet, according to the COVAX Platform, “the national regulator of all participating countries must authorize the vaccine to be introduced; Also, all participants must sign a compensation contract with the vaccine manufacturers in order to be able to receive doses from the COVAX platform.
Ekaterine Tikaradze, for her part, says that in response to this article, the Ministry of Health applied to the COVAX platform today and demanded an answer as to why InterpressNews received such a response.
"In all the existing written communications that we started with this platform after September 18, we have never received a response that we did not have timely communication or made mistakes. Therefore, we can conclude that the COVAX Platform has already had a similar misunderstanding with Bosnia, which is why Bosnia has sued the platform. Therefore, at this stage, we are waiting for explanations to deny this accusation against the Ministry of Health of Georgia, and then we will continue to communicate, "- said the Minister.

Ekaterine Tikaradze did not rule out the possibility that Georgia may be among the countries that will sue COVAX Platform for spreading false information.
"Since there is talk of reputation risks here, I do not rule it out; Unfortunately, due to the difficult political processes in Georgia, all this has been used by our opposition opponents to escalate the great political tension and polarization in Georgia, and the Ministry of Health will not allow this and we will not become a reason for our opponents to benefit from what is not our fault," said the Minister of Health.