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Georgian Banks Ranking by Profit

Georgian Banks Ranking by Profit
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Commercial banks operating on Georgian market have published their financial reports for the first half of 2022. The data submitted to the regulator revealed that the volume of assets of the banking sector amounted to GEL 64.1 bln. The volume is GEL 8.5 bln or 15% more as compared to the same period of the prior-year.

Credit portfolio amounted to GEL 43.6 bln. The figure is 12% more in comparison with H1 2021. Net profit of the banking sector during the report period was GEL 838 mln. Overall profit of the sector would be much higher if it were not the loss of VTB Bank Georgia suffering GEL 91.5 mln loss.

With GEL 430.6 mln by net profit the first in the ranking in TBC Bank. It is followed by Bank of Georgia with GEL 368.7 mln net profit. These two take 95% of the total pie.

Profit per each bank out of total fourteen for the H1 of 2022 and 2021, has been distributed as follows:

TBC Bank: GEL 430,597,636; last year: GEL 485,819,370;

Bank of Georgia: GEL 368,709,502; Last year: GEL 434,871,593;

Liberty Bank: GEL 20,620,466; Last year: GEL 23,247,257;

BasisBank: GEL 31,738,152; Last year: GEL 15,622,275;

Credo Bank: GEL 12,834,346; Last year: GEL 16,529,589;

ProCredit Bank: GEL 22,385,001; Last year: GEL 19,351,459;

Tera Bank: GEL 15,276,615; Last year: GEL 15,032,351;

Cartu Bank: GEL 14,474,787; Last year: GEL 16,002,231;

Halyk Bank: GEL 4,308,863; Last year: GEL 7,648,239;

Pasha Bank: -3,303,390 GEL; Last year: -1,426,094 GEL;

VTB Bank: -91,507,663 GEL; Last year: GEL 19, 366,015;

İşbank: GEL 8,769,818; Last year: GEL 5,414,106;

Ziraat Bank: GEL 3,064,538; Last year: GEL 912,862;

Silk Road Bank: -1,897,946 GEL; Last year: GEL 226,620.