07.Nov .2022 19:00

Georgian Banks' Ranking By Profit

Georgian Banks' Ranking By Profit
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Commercial banks operating on Georgian market have published their financial reports for 9M2022. The data submitted to the regulator revealed that with GEL 749 mln by net profit the first in the ranking is TBC Bank. It is followed by Bank of Georgia with GEL 654 mln net profit. These two take 1.4 billion of the total pie. The total net profit of the sector is GEL 1.53 billion.

Out of 14 banks operating in the country, 3 are at a loss, among them "VTB Bank" has the biggest loss of 79.6 million, which has been under US, UK and EU sanctions since February 2022. The largest part of the bank's assets, deposits and credit portfolio was transferred to "Basisbank" and "Liberty Bank".

Like "VTB", "Silkroad Bank" and "Pasha Bank" are also at a loss.