30.Nov .2022 14:00

Georgian Children's Apparel Brand Lemo Is On Amazon

Georgian Children's Apparel Brand Lemo Is On Amazon
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Products of the Georgian children's apparel brand Lemo are sold on Amazon. As its founder, Nino Giorgadze told the "Women's Narrative", Lemo clothes are exported to three countries.

"Lemo has achieved many successes in a very short time with the support of various organizations, as well as the agency Enterprise Georgia. We participate in international exhibitions and make exports to three countries: Armenia, Sweden and France. Now our products are also sold on the American Amazon. Our products are sold online, through Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as in the store of the Social Enterprise Alliance "Eski", says the founder.

"Lemo" has been on the market for two years and is distinguished from other brands by the embroidery on the clothes. Nino Giorgobiani says that embroidered images contribute to a child's cognitive development.

As for future plans, in the near future, it will be possible to buy "Lemo" products in "Gldani Mall" as well. It is also planned to increase the number of employees.

"We have significant growth in both the export and local markets. We have a lot of corporate orders, and now we are changing the production building as well. 24 women with different social needs work with us. We are adding eight new jobs from January," said Nino Giorgadze.