05.Oct .2022 12:00

Georgian Company Imeri To Serve Brand MONCLER

Georgian Company Imeri To Serve Brand MONCLER
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Apparel manufacturing company Imeri will serve another international brand MONCLER.

Maia Simonidze, director of company Imeri, notes that the cooperation with the brand is long-term and the first part of the clothes has already been exported.

"We had started negotiations with the Italian brand "MONCLER", the contract was also signed, but the pandemic prevented the completion of the procedures. We have already signed a contract. At the first stage, we started with one sewing group and as of today, we are already working with three groups. Their demand is to work with a full load.

We have already done the first part of the export, several reloads have already been done, and we are now working on additional shipments. I can tell you that the Italian brand wants to absorb Georgia completely. Although our market is not big, our country will still become a serious component for their business", said Maia Simonidze.

Apparel manufacturing company Imeri with over 90 years of operating experience, actively cooperates with various international companies.