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Georgian Entrepreneur Establishes The Most Expensive Health & Wellness Brand of UK

Georgian Entrepreneur Establishes The Most Expensive Health & Wellness Brand of UK
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The freshest, most high-quality juices, smoothies, and bars in the UK are currently produced under the SO PERF brand. SO PERF has been founded by Georgian Tatia Loladze during Covid Brexit and lockdown. Only six weeks have passed since launching the brand, and the demand and love for its products have skyrocketed. The apparent reason for its success is the founders’ motivation to establish the brand - helping people deal with health issues rather than focusing on profit.
The inspiration to create the SO PERF brand came from Loladze’s son – Daniel. Parents determined to boost his immune system and set him up for a lifetime of good health.
“During this process of helping our son to overcome his issues with gut flora, weak immune system, tummy pains, constipation, irritated stomach, lack of sleep and mood swings, we noticed and understood there are millions of other adults and children suffering as a consequence of the imbalance in their gut, not knowing what to do about it. So, we set off on a mission to drive awareness and support other people and parents dealing with similar health issues. On this mission, and to achieve our goal, we started developing the highest quality cold-pressed pre & probiotic bars, juices and smoothies possible, packed with superfoods and nutrient-dense ingredients,” says Loladze, Founder at SO PERF.

Loladze holds degrees from leading the UK and European universities. Her work experience is mostly linked to the private sector in Georgia. Consequently, coming from a very corporate background, it’s been refreshing to enter the world of entrepreneurism, and she is excited to make a mark with SO PERF.
“SO PERF was founded during the lockdown. Covid, Brexit, and lockdown were extremely challenging times. Cramming these products with so much goodness and quality was near impossible. It took 10 months to create. “This will do” wasn’t an option. We were driven to create the health & wellness brand so that when people buy our products, they don’t just buy a standard product; they buy the assurance that everything has been done to ensure its freshness. We were determined to push boundaries to ensure that every product made under the SO PERF brand meets three pillars of excellence in taste, quality, and nutrition. We created a robust quality assurance procedure, wherein every ingredient, recipe, production method, and the eventual product meets our criteria of excellence; to produce the freshest, tastiest, and nutritious microbiome bars and juices possible with that homemade quality. To do this, we chose to work with the most innovative factories and nutritionists with expert teams, who were passionate to work with us to push boundaries to create the highest quality products. Since launch, the demand and love for our products have skyrocketed,” SO PERF Founder told BMG.

SO PERF had only launched six weeks ago. The founders wanted to test various marketing channels to see which worked best. With 0 marketing investment, two months of stock sold out within three weeks, people have been blown away with the quality of the products. It all reinforced the founder’s belief that they will start to ramp up the marketing and take it to the next level the product will fly. Within a week, major retailer Ocado listed the juices and got the products listed with all the major retailers. Owners are not in a rush to be everywhere. They want to grow this brand with the right values in the right high-end retailers, where their target demographic is searching for higher quality products. It’s about the quality of stockist’s for them at this point, not quantity.

While asked if the owners have any plans for expanding the brand products in Georgia, Loladze said that the products are already the most expensive products ever sold in the UK due to the quality, nutrition, taste, and high-class ingredients they are using. “We are in the process of conducting market research to understand better whether there is an opportunity in Georgia. The biggest barrier to entry is the transportation cost from our factory to Tbilisi,” she added.

In Loladze’s words, there is a major lack of awareness and confusion amongst many throughout the world about what is good for you. “For example, you can buy juice that says organic on a bottle, but what most won’t know is that it has two years shelf life and has been heavily pasteurized (boiled) and made from concentrates. Anything made from concentrate will have a minimum of the actual fruit and rest flavorings, water and sugar, and all sorts of other nasties, and anything boiled will be stripped from whatever nutrients or goodness were left. Therefore, it’s less about organic and more about how it’s made, how fresh it is, and the quality of ingredients used. Also, how much fiber a product has and whether it’s raw | cold-pressed. SO PERF Adult Peruvian cacao is loaded with superfoods, antioxidants, and nutrients. Also, it is the highest-fiber bar in the world.”
“We never, ever heat any of our ingredients. Instead, we cold press our fresh ingredients so that every bottle and bar is crammed full of nutrients.
When you are drinking, it tastes like you are drinking the actual fruit, and it feels like all the nutrients are bursting into your body directly into your cells, nourishing you with all the vital nutrients. We naturally source raw, farm-fresh produce directly from nature. The result is a juice and a bar like no other, the very closest you can get to picking the fruit from a tree and squeezing the juice right then and there,” SO PERF Founder explained.
The reaction and love from the public have been incredible and the proudest moment for the brand’s owners since starting the business.

The plans of SO PERF company for 2021-2022 include reaching £4m turnover and being EBITDA positive.