11.Aug .2022 10:00

Georgian Gezruli Tea Entered French Market

Georgian Gezruli Tea Entered French Market
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Gezruli Tea has entered French market. Following Czechia, France became the second export market for the company.

“We have exported around 200 kg worth US$ 10, 000 to France,” Farmer Tornike Shekiladze tells BMG.

“We are producing the first-rate bio tea and are focused on quality. We have plantations on 7 hectares and the main direction is the production of white tea, but we also have black and green tea. Previously, our tea was exported to the Czech Republic, and this year France has been added to it. We don’t export a large amount,” Shekiladze said.

As for the local market, the farmer says that the company is mainly focused on export markets and does not make realization locally.

The company is producing tea in Gezruli village, Imereti region.