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Georgian Government's Tourism Priorities

Georgian Government's Tourism Priorities
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According to Medea Janashvili, Acting Head of the Tourism Administration, by 2021, Georgia has selected mainly neighboring countries and the Persian Gulf countries, Israel and Europe, as priority countries for tourism. In these markets, money will be spent on tourism marketing this year.
"Among our priority tourism markets in 2021 are: neighboring countries, Europe, the Persian Gulf states, as well as Israel. We participate in international exhibitions, start organizing press tours for influential international media, and at the end of the month, we host world-renowned bloggers. There is an active advertising campaign on social networks to help increase the awareness of Georgia and attract more tourists to the country, "- said Medea Janiashvili.
In April 2021, there were 82,519 international visitors to Georgia - a record number since the pandemic began. Compared to the same period in 2020, the total flow of visitors has increased by 140%. However, the curfew in the country remains a major barrier to tourism.
Turkey ranks first among the individual countries in terms of the number of visitors, from which 21,000 visitors came. Israel is in second place with 10,000 visitors.
Number of international visitors during April (Top 15 countries)

1. Turkey - 21 106 visitors, an increase of 48% over the previous year
2. Israel - 10 098 visitors, an increase of 13925% over the previous year
3. Russia - 8,518 visitors, an increase of 125% over the previous year
4. Armenia - 8 331 visitors, an increase of 4% over the previous year
5. Georgia (non-resident) - 8 253 visitors, an increase of 441% over the previous year
6. Ukraine - 5,922 visitors, an increase of 404% over the previous year
7. Azerbaijan - 5 287 visitors, an increase of 107% over the previous year
8. Uzbekistan - 2,711 visitors, an increase of 293% over the previous year
9. Kazakhstan - 1,639 visitors, an increase of 285% over the previous year
10. Belarus - 1,463 visitors, an increase of 77% over the previous year
11. Iran - 1,024 visitors, an increase of 611% over the previous year
12. Germany - 657 visitors, an increase of 1585% over the previous year
13. US - 650 visitors, an increase of 4233% over the previous year
14. India - 553 visitors, an increase of 55200% over the previous year
15. United Kingdom - 490 visitors, an increase of 989% over the previous year
According to statistics, 48,455 visits were made to the country by land and 33,188 by air. The number of people entering by air is at a record high since the start of the pandemic.