04.Mar .2021 18:00

Georgian Kiwi enters the Japanese Market

Georgian Kiwi enters the Japanese Market
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With Enterprise Georgia and The Embassy of Georgia to Japan's support, Georgian Kiwi enters the Japanese Market.

Meet Aromaproduct LTD, the official exporter of Georgian Kiwi to Japan. The company specializes in producing high-quality natural juices, IQF fruit and berries, jams, and preserved fruit, sauces, spices, nuts, and honey products.

Moreover, the Japanese delegation will visit Georgia to increase the export potential of Georgian Kiwi to Japan. Georgian Kiwi's success could also pave the way for more Georgian fruit to be shipped to Japan.

The Japanese side also intends to launch an active campaign to promote Georgia as an attractive business destination. The agency will be involved in supporting this campaign together with The Embassy of Georgia in Japan.
In addition, with the support of Enterprise Georgia and The USAID Agriculture program, the company participated in the Gulfood 2021 exhibition held in Dubai:
"The Emirates and basically the Central Asian market, in general, is vital for us because there we are represented in quite large networks." - says Valeri Gugushvili, co-founder of the company.