28.Jul .2021 12:00

Georgian-Made Anti-COVID Products Will Be Available From August

Georgian-Made Anti-COVID Products Will Be Available From August
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Georgian-made anti-coronavirus products will be available from August, while nasal sprays will appear on the Georgian market from January," Vakhtang Pavlenishvili, director of Eliava Phage Therapy Center declares.

According to Pavlenishvili, clinical studies of the nasal spray is underway now and it will be completed in three months, while production of Anti-COVID Throat Gargle is being carried out now.

“Even when the pandemic was not announced in the world, a Georgian professor in Germany, Teimuraz Kurtsalia, based on research, decided to prepare an antiviral drug as a result of hydrogen-peroxide interaction. Hydrogen peroxide, a well-known and effective antimicrobial agent, actually kills all microbes, but the main challenge is that it kills human cells along with these microbes, so it is not safe to use. We want to introduce this innovation in Georgia and the first steps are already taken, as we have found a way how we can use the universal antimicrobial agent of hydrogen peroxide without damaging human cells, and as a result we will receive Georgian-made anti-coronavirus products," - said Pavlenishvili.

According to the director of Eliava Phage Therapy Center, the aim of the studies was to adjust the dosage. So, today we can say with certainty that the frequency of use and the age category are not limited.

He notes, that Georgian-made anti-coronavirus products will be exported in Armenia and Azerbaijan at the first stage, then in India and later in European companies.