28.Apr .2022 14:00

Georgian Platform Kernel Entered Indian Market

Georgian Platform Kernel Entered Indian Market
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Georgian platform Kernel, which offers smart financial tools to the business, has entered Indian market. The company already has 7 000 customers in India.

Beka Dalakishvili, the founder of Kernel declares that India is strategically important for the company, as up to 70 million businesses are registered in this market. At the same time, the advantage of the Indian market is the English-language legislation and the active involvement of the state in the digitization process of small businesses.

According to him, the platform operates quite successfully in the Philippines, where over one million businesses are registered. Kernel already has 15,000 users in that market.

"I was in India to meet our customers face to face. There is a huge cultural difference between us, now we are working to adapt the product to the customer behavior. India is the most desirable market for us at this stage for several reasons. The legislation and tax system are in English, it simplifies the case. At the same time, India is the largest market, 60,000 businesses are registered in Georgia, while this number reaches 70 million in India. India has new tax legislation and the state is actively urging small businesses to digitize the processes.

Kernel also plans to start operating in Pakistan and Nigeria, but it requires some time. We have researched both countries and know the needs of the customers. However, we do not rule out not entering other countries due to the scale of the Indian market," - said the founder of Kernel.

Kernel appeared on the market in 2019. The platform also operates in Georgia, but the local market is small for the platform.