02.Aug .2021 15:30

Georgian-Produced Snails Are Exported To Europe, Asia And the USA

Georgian-Produced Snails Are Exported To Europe, Asia And the USA
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The interest in Georgian-produced snails is growing in the last few years. Representatives of the sector say that the reason for this is the geographical climate of the country, because, as it turned out, the soil of Georgia is ideal for growing snails.

In terms of sales, snails are a unique product because almost all of its parts are used; the shell is even used in the manufacture of self-care products. Of particular note is the snail meat, which has unique properties because it contains very little fat and a large amount of protein. Because of these properties, snail meat is a useful product for people with special diets. Snail eggs are also very popular in the kitchen. Mucus used in cosmetics should not be left out of consideration.

"I started working in Georgia in 2018, studying the climate and soil of your country. Then we conducted trainings for the staff; Now we have concrete results and we have opened our branch. We call our business self-renewing economy and it has been very important to get to this system. We have used special technology and equipment to get the snail the right way, as our main goal is to treat the living creature with respect. It is also important for us to impart knowledge because the results achieved so far will reach other people interested in this field, "said Simone Sampo, President of the Kerasco International Institute of Heliculture.

According to him, several countries are actively interested in snails produced in Georgia. This product is exported to Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, China, Indonesia, Japan and USA.