16.Oct .2020 13:30

Georgian Restaurateurs Association - Part of the restaurants will be closed

Georgian Restaurateurs Association - Part of the restaurants will be closed
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This is a very tough decision, - Shota Burjanadze, one of the founders of Georgia Restaurant Association declares, while assessing the restrictions imposed by the government on the restaurant business.

He believes that the government has to offer alternative plan, which would put the business operators in a better position.

Shota Burjanadze notes that as a result of the decision, part of the restaurants will be closed because they will not be able to meet their bank and tax obligations.

"This is a very tough decision for the sector. A large number of restaurants are gathered in Tbilisi and when you make this decision, the state must also offer an alternative plan to the sector. It is clear that the state cares about the society as a whole, but what is the responsibility, they take for the people employed in this field?

Different countries have different responsibilities in this regard. Some countries reduced tax burden, while others delayed bank loans. Such assistance is necessary. Without this, it means you will not die from COVID, but cannot recover from starvation,” Shota Burjanadze explained.

According to him, the restriction imposed on restaurants has been adopted by non-professionals.

"A very important aspect is that the decision is made by professionals in the field of fighting COVID, but they do not have anything common with the restaurant industry", - the founder of Georgia Restaurant Association told BM.GE.