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Georgian Stock Exchange Summary in 2019

Georgian Stock Exchange Summary in 2019
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Securities of 1 million 177 thousand have been sold on the Georgian Stock Exchange from January 1, 2019 up to now. Total value of the securities has made up 45 527 GEL. Two basic players of the Stock Exchange have been Bank of Georgia and Liberty Bank.

As for the non-OTC deals, total volume of bonds, as well as shares in national currency have made up 814 million, whereas the total cost was 23 million 261 thousand GEL. The number of companies, taking part in the transaction does not exceed 11.

To note, securities of 24 850 were sold in USD totaling of 28 million 963 thousand USD. The most active companies were m2 and LLC Georgian Leasing Companies. As of the final data of the Stock Exchange, 10 companies’ bonds are listed in A category, 6 companies are presented in B category, while the remained companies do not belong to any category.