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Georgia's exports to China doubled in 2021

Georgia's exports to China doubled in 2021
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Georgia’s exports to China were 113% up, reaching 476 million USD in 2020. This is a record figure for Georgia's exports to China.

According to Geostat, doubling of exports to China is related to the increased exports of copper ores and concentrates.
In 2020, a total of 266,341 tons of copper ores were exported from Georgia to China, valued at 393.6 million USD. Exports of copper ores to China increased by 130%.

Major Commodity Groups by Exports to China in 2020

1. Copper ores and concentrates - 393.6 million USD, increase of 130%;
2. Precious metal ores and concentrates - 38.9 million USD, increase of 1,800%;
3. Natural grape wines - 13.3 million USD, decrease of 30%;
4. Tools and equipment for medical or veterinary use - 9.2 million USD, decrease of 28%;
5. Crude Aluminum - 4.4 million USD, increase of 450%.

As for the imports from China to Georgia, it decreased by 150 million USD in 2020 amounting to 708 million USD. Armature (27 million USD) is the first among majority community groups by imports from China to Georgia; Tires (22.6 million USD); Computers (19.6 million USD); TVs (13.7 million USD) and light bulbs (13.4 million USD).