02.Mar .2021 17:30

Gia Jokhtaberidze: Bekauri wants to be a permanent chairman of the Communications Commission

Gia Jokhtaberidze: Bekauri wants to be a permanent chairman of the Communications Commission
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During the several-hour sitting of the Parliament, the issue of 2 vacant positions of the Georgian Communications Commission was discussed. At the March 1 sitting of the Sectoral Economics and Economic Policy Committee, Parliament supported 2 of the six candidates nominated for the vacant position.

Gia Jokhtaberidze, the businessman and the founder of "Magti," said it is necessary to fill three vacant positions in the commission in the current reality because one position in the 5-member commission is vacant from 2019. The commission needs the presence of all five members to fulfill its functions fully. Among them is the dismissal of the chairman of the commission, which requires a majority of 4/5.
"The commission has 5 members, currently it has 4 members, time of 2 of these 4 members expire these days. The time of one of the members expired in October 2019. By law, 100 days before resignation or 10 days after resignation must be replaced by a new candidate. Therefore, why is there a competition for 2 candidates now and not for the third one?
When the chairman of the commission is to be dismissed by the commission, he is dismissed by the decision of the 4/5 members. At the same time, we have not had a fifth member in the commission for a year and a half, therefore, the commission cannot exercise the authority given to it by law; When Parliament considers the issue of constitutional amendments, a majority vote of 2.3 is required here, and can you imagine how high the ⅘ majority is? Accordingly, it shows to what level of importance Bekauri pushed the legislation in the fall. He does not want to have a fifth member of the commission, because he wants to be a permanent chairman of the communications commission, that is the essence, "Gia Jokhtaberidze said.