16.Jan .2023 16:36

GIG Holding Plans To Build Wind Power Plant In Skra

GIG Holding Plans To Build Wind Power Plant In Skra
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Company "International Energy Corporation", part of GIG Holding plans to build a wind power plant in the village of Skra in Gori Municipality.

The Georgian Government on Monday discussed a range of topics including the feasibility study for the Skra wind power plant project in central Georgia.

According to the information provided by the government administration, the "International Energy Corporation" should conduct a feasibility study of the power plant within the next year. After the positive results of the economic feasibility study, the power plant project will move to the next stage of development.

"The company must build Skra Wind Power Plant and conduct a feasibility study with its own funds within 12 months. The location of the power plant is Gori municipality, and the estimated installed capacity of the power plant is 20.7 MW. The estimated annual output is 85.23 million kWh. The investment amounts to USD 23.3 million," said the statement released by the government administration.