22.Jan .2020 17:25

Giorgi Chogovadze to resign from February

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Giorgi Chogovadze, Director of Georgian Airports Association, will resign from February. BM.GE has learned about it.

According to our information, Giorgi Chogovadze is expected to continue his work in the Ministry of Health, though - his position is not known yet.

For verification, BM.GE contacted to the press office of the Airport Association, which did not confirm that.

BM.GE. expects a response from the Ministry of Economy as well.

BM.GE tries to contact Giorgi Chogovadze as well, but he does not answer our phone calls.

Note: Giorgi Chogovadze has been the Director of Georgian Airports Association since January 2019. Until 2019, he held the post of head of the National Tourism Administration. Chogovadze was replaced by Mariam Kvrivishvili.