19.Nov .2019 15:46

Giorgi Gakharia: the government will do everything to make the business environment more stable

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Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia meets with members of the Business Association of Georgian (BAG). Prior to the meeting, Gakharia said the government would do its utmost to achieve a stable business environment.

"Surely, a stable environment for business and the economy is one of the most important factors, and I want to assure you that despite the democratic political processes that take place in the streets, sometimes in parliament, sometimes in the media and in various fields, the government will do its utmost for business and economics, as well as for the environment to be stable and most important - positive.

For this reason, everything will be done to make this election year predictable and quiet in terms of investment, job creation and legislative change. Mikheil [the new business ombudsman] will be involved in the process, along with the whole government and ministers.

I have said many times and I will reiterate that a key factor in the country's economic growth is a free, prosperous and robust business. A successful and vibrant free business is also very important for us, as we create new jobs and as the most powerful tool for the country's development", Giorgi Gakharia said.