06.Aug .2020 14:45

Giorgi Gakharia: Utility Support Program Will Continue for Four Months of Winter

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In order to compensate for the reduced income experienced by the families of our citizens or the loss of jobs, the government has decided to extend this program in terms of providing support for utility bills for the four months of winter – November, December, January, and February. Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia made this statement during the session of government, while discussing the third stage of the Anti-Crisis Plan.

According to his explanation, the principle will remain the same and up to 200 kWh of electricity and up to 200 m3 of gas will be compensated by the government. According to Giorgi Gakharia, relatively wealthy citizens will have the opportunity to refuse such assistance.

"The third stage is extremely important because we can all see that the economic crisis will be long-lasting. We are not talking about a crisis until the end of the year – we understand that the next two years will be quite difficult for the global economy and Georgia, of course, as one of the most open economies in the region and a part of the global economy, we must do everything to alleviate the impact of this crisis on our citizens as much as possible," the Prime Minister stated.