14.Nov .2020 17:00

Georgia Transfers $4 Million for the COVID-19 Vaccine

Georgia Transfers $4 Million for the COVID-19 Vaccine
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Georgia has already transferred 4 million USD for the COVID-19 vaccine. According to the Head of NCDC Amiran Gamkrelidze, a total of 17 million USD will be spent on a vaccine, which has to be applied twice, and this amount covers 700 thousand people.
According to Gamkrelidze, the so-called Covax platform that Georgia has been part of for the last two decades will decide which vaccine reaches Georgia. What type of vaccine will this platform buy for countries like Georgia is yet to be known.
“When the regulator approves any vaccine, Georgia will receive a prequalified vaccine to be applied to 700 thousand people. These will be vulnerable risk-groups in the first place,” – Gamkrelidze explained. According to him, risk-groups might be expanded and include more people.