23.Oct .2020 16:00

Government: There Are Shortcomings, but They Are Being Corrected Step by Step


According to Natia Mezvrishvili, Head of the Administration of the Government of Georgia, the number of infected people in the country continues to increase. However, today is the first day when the first stability is observed during the adaptation period.
Mezvrishvili says that there are shortcomings, but they are being corrected step by step. According to her, the headquarters is involved in all issues.
"The problems related to the overcrowding of the hotlines have been removed, and for the first time, the shortcomings in the healthcare system are gradually corrected," Natia Mezvrishvili said.
Today's statistics look like this:
Confirmed case of coronavirus - 24562
Including the recovered - 9751
Including the deceased - 183
In quarantine mode - 4408
In the hospital under supervision - 3155
Individuals staying at the Covid Hotel - 1848
* Georgian citizens transferred from abroad for treatment - 41.