12.May .2020 18:50

Government to grant 200 GEL per 1 ha land to farmers in assistance

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Farmers which have land plots between 0.25 to 10 hectares will receive 200 GEL for each hectare, said Minister of Agriculture Levan Davitashvili earlier today.

About 200,000 farmers will receive these grants. The budget for this programme is 27 million GEL will start May 20. It was presented earlier today under the agricultural anti-crisis plan.

Georgian Prime Minister Gakaria said that land which is not registered yet will be registered in three years, and urged farmers to register land in order to become beneficiaries of the programmes the state carries out to support agriculture and farmers.

“We support farmers, we support villages. This is taking care of not only people living in the villages, but this is taking care of each of our citizens and this is ensuring the agricultural food security of the state,” said Gakharia.